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Working one-on-one with a Coach is the most powerful path to reaching your goals, but finding the right one can be a difficult. We work with independent and certified coaches, so you have choice, flexibility and get quality competent coaches. Contact us to book a free introduction session without any further commitment.

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Executive • NLP • Problem solving

Marilou Seavey, PCC – Dubai, Boston

Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Master NLP Coach & Trainer, President Mindbridge NLP Institute

Marilou Seavey, a Master NLP Trainer & NLP Coach, facilitates personal and professional change worldwide. She assists people from all walks of life with the interior design of their lives-redefining who they are and getting them on track and “on purpose”. Her clients include Fortune 500 executives, small business owners, senior political advisors, diplomats, entertainers, and educators. She has a special ability to create an ideal atmosphere for growth whether she is working with individuals, seminar groups, company teams, or large audiences. Her passionate belief is that she can help people free up something powerful inside themselves-and that it is easier than they think.

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Gerald (Jerry) Seavey, PCC – Dubai, Boston

Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Master NLP Coach & Trainer, CEO Mindbridge NLP Institute

Jerry Seavey is a master NLP Coach Trainer who has traveled the globe for more than a third of a century teaching people how to create exceptional success, and enhanced problem solving abilities in their personal and professional lives. He has devoted his career to the study, research, and teaching the effective development of the extraordinary faculties of our human potential. Today, he is one of the foremost leaders in the field. His approach combines the knowledge of a psychologist, the determination and charisma of a business leader, and the sensitivity of a philosopher. Since 1971, when he founded the company that is today MindBridge, Jerry has been recognized as an exemplary seminar leader, master trainer and expert in the field of personal and professional growth. His positive and effective teaching style has helped tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life, have a higher quality of life.

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Family • Life Goals & Balance

Linda Bonnar, ACC – Dubai

Master NLP Coach & MindBridge Trainings® certified NLP Trainer

Combining her Master NLP certifications, Professional Coach accreditations, and her 14 years of experience in Education, Linda assists corporate clients overcome the challenges and complexities with regards to people-development, talent management and organisational success.

As a Breakthrough Impostor Syndrome Coach, Linda works with Executive clients to enable them to ignite their self-confidence and drive their own success. As a Future Leader’s Coach, Linda works with young people to empower them with a range of skills, tools and techniques to overcome challenges successfully and move forward in life confidently.  Her coaching book for teenagers, PRESS PLAY, continues to educate, inspire and encourage young people around the world.

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Behaviors & Fears • Strategy

Bina Mathews – Dubai

Master NLP Coach, Pranic Healer, Transformational Hypnotherapist

Coming into Coaching and motivational speaking from a background of communication, in agencies as well as corporate and semi- govt, gives Bina the edge in connecting with different audiences, at their frequency.

Bina’s added value as a Pranic Healer, Transformational Hypnotherapist (and biker!), are the depth and dimension these add to the range of subjects I can speak/ train on, as well as coach on.

Having headed teams and worked closely with the C-suite and senior management in my previous roles, Bina is well equipped to coach on effective communication at all levels, as well as leadership and team building coaching.

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Change Management • Life Goals & Balance

Tiffany Busser – Dubai

NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

A pragmatic and insightful client-centered coach, Tiffany Busser blends International Professional Coach and Master NLP Practitioner Certifications and a ten year background in communications and management. She helps clients overcome self-imposed obstacles and transcend the challenges of professional or personal transitions. Her experience includes coaching in contrasting domains ranging from entrepreneurship and career-shifting through to parenting and self-development.

With her genuine interest and discerning skills, Tiffany enables her clients to understand and pave the way for improved confidence and achievement. She also provides enthusiastic support at every step. Committed to the goals of her clients, she is a motivating coach who developed her deep understanding of people through a vast array of cultural and professional environments.

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Behaviors & Fears • Change Management • Life Goals & Balance • NLP

Cheryl Pinto

NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

Cheryl Pinto, a Master NLP Practitioner and Advanced Coach, works only with clients who wish to transcend limiting beliefs and live their absolute fullest potential. Her USP: taking clients from Fear to Freedom. She thrives on watching her clients transform in all the important areas of life - professional, financial, familial, romantic and fitness. She absolutely believes that her clients can achieve ANYTHING they want. She simply facilitates the metamorphosis through her bold, deep, transformative Coaching approach. Coach with Cheryl and life will never be the same again 😊. In addition to one-on-one coaching, she conducts workshops on Career, Personal Finance & Women’s Leadership.

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Career & Professional Goals • Entrepreneurship • Public Speaking • Strategy

Roberto Croci – Dubai

Entrepreneur and Career Coach

Executive Google leader and Harvard Business School graduate, expert and passionate about leadership and innovation, combining a special passion for talent and people development, mentoring, change management and developing leaders.

Expert and passionate about digital marketing, analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence, innovation, entrepreneurship, startups, design thinking and technology-enabled transformations, combining a special passion for talent development, mentoring, change management and developing leaders.

Harvard Business School graduate and alumni with deep expertise in change management, innovation and leadership development. Gained a solid senior executive network, a broader understanding of the global marketplace and a more integrated view of core business operations.

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Career & Professional Goals • Family • Life Goals & Balance • NLP

Humaira Nasim – Dubai

ICF Certified NLP Professional Coach, ANLP certified NLP Practitioner

Humaira is a certified NLP Professional Coach and NLP Practitioner accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and ANLP (Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming) respectively. She believes in empowerment and self discovery so as to identify your life goals and set targets and align yourself in complete balance to achieve them. Success lies in consistent behavior and she motivates her clients to keep going and pursue their dreams. 

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Corporate & Executive • Life Goals & Balance • NLP

Christine Westermayr – Germany

 Erickson Professional Coach (NLP), Lightyear Leadership Coach

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” This poem of Mary Oliver is a metaphor to life and mankind. It conveys that life is precious and therefore we must unleash our potential and live to the fullest.
What do you really want? This is the most important question in my coaching sessions. It requires being honest with yourself. If you break old patterns of thinking, you can create a new reality, what you want deep down and what makes you happy and fulfilled. Imagine the mind is just like a muscle and the more you train it the stronger it gets. This opens new doors and possibilities. Coaching can be incredibly powerful. What are you waiting for? Together we can get you on the road to success.

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Behaviors & Fears • Change Management • Life Goals & Balance • NLP

Dania Zahid – Dubai

NLP practitioner and Coach

Dania Zahid is an internationally certified life coach and an NLP practitioner. She combines this with her 10 year experience working in the Mass Communication Industry. She has successfully coached not just executives in Middle East, Singapore and Silicon Valley but people from different walks of life including sportmen- looking to improve performance under pressure.
Having a warm and empathic personality gives her the edge to connect with clients easily and help them open up and create an environment of trust and comfort.
She facilitates clients in over coming limiting self beliefs, ignite self confidence to move successfully and confidently in life. Also helps in developing problem solving skills and emotional intelligence. Main areas of focus are: work life balance, career change, relationships, and professional development. 

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Career & Professional Goals • Life Goals & Balance • NLP

Barbara Galateri di Genola

NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

Barbara Galateri di Genola is a Master NLP Practitioner and Advanced Coach, she works with her clients on Motivation & Relationship goals.
She is really passionate in helping her clients to be motivated in their important decisions and to improve the relationship with themselves both in the family and in the workplace. She believes in helping people to develop their abilities and their mental well-being to make the most of their resources.
Barbara has over 18 years of experience in Fundraising with High Value Donor and in addition to motivation and relationship coaching she conducts one-on-one Personal Finance coaching.
Barbara loves to work with new clients and be in partnership with them while they transform their lives!

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Behaviors & Fears • Change Management • Family

Ghada Yared – Beirut

ICF Certified Life Coach (ACC, ACG) - Specialized in Family and ADHD Coaching

Ghada comes from sunny Lebanon where she lives with her husband and two teenage children. She grew up mostly in Europe and her Oriental and European heritages have been precious gifts that allowed her to embrace rich cultures and master 3 languages fluently (French, English, Arabic).

Ghada's professional life reflects her curiosity - she is an ICF certified Life Coach (specialized in Family and ADHD coaching) as well as a Professional Mediator who teaches Conflict Resolution in Lebanese schools.
She is passionate about empowering her clients to design the lives they want to lead and uncover their incredible talents. Her specialties allow me to coach from a true understanding of how differently challenges impact them and devise tailor-made strategies. This is the time to get moving!

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NLP • Public Speaking

Stefania Picheca – Dubai

Accredited Certified Coach (ACC), NLP Master Practitioner, EQ Practitioner & Assessor for adults and youth, Brain Profiler, Associate CIPD – Diploma in L&D Master

A life and career coach who helps clients at important crossroads in their life to make an important decision, a leap of faith to an unknown but desired path, a step towards removing those self imposed obstacles that stand in the way. With strong passion to work with limiting beliefs, aiming to master them and making the inner critic an ally instead of an enemy. At the organizational level this translates in being the sounding board, and at the time and with permission, the mentor, to the client willingness to improve their effectiveness or relationships as well as well being and quality of life.

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Nutrition & Health

Jessica Love

Health Coach, Msc/PG Nutritional Therapist Student, NLP Coach, SCOTT Pilates Instructor

Jessica's approach is coaching first, diet and fitness plan later. Your plan will be tailored around all areas of your individual lifestyle and motivational triggers. You will first define a specific and measurable goal, we then plan how to achieve this goal. Jessica will work closely with you, near or far, banish those restrictive time consuming diet's, and work on a personalized plan from the inside out to help you feel your happiest confident self.

Jessica integrates her NLP coaching certification with her Master's degree and Diploma studies in personalized nutritional therapy to bring a functional and personalized health approach to the coaching industry. Jessica combines this with her Pilates and fitness background to create a synergistic.

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Career & Professional Goals

Isabelita Castilho – Dubai

Executive Job Hunting Advisor

Originally from Brazil, Isabelita Castilho is a talented and dedicated Executive Job Hunting Advisor who draws upon her previous experience as headhunter, to provide strategic job hunting advice.

Isabelita passionately expresses that her mission in life is to open doors to help professionals land their dream job. She is the author of the book “All The Secrets of Getting a New Job in Dubai! Unleashed!”.

Isabelita has advised top level executives across the world, having worked for some of the top 10 global executive search firms. She has extensive multi-cultural experience having lived several countries.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration and various HR related certifications including: interview skills, dealing with difficult people and work relations.

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