Coach Profile


Christine Westermayr

  • Corporate & Executive 
  • Life Goals & Balance
  • NLP



“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” This poem of Mary Oliver is a metaphor to life and mankind. It conveys that life is precious and therefore we must unleash our potential and live to the fullest.
What do you really want? This is the most important question in my coaching sessions. It requires being honest with yourself. If you break old patterns of thinking, you can create a new reality, what you want deep down and what makes you happy and fulfilled. Imagine the mind is just like a muscle and the more you train it the stronger it gets. This opens new doors and possibilities. Coaching can be incredibly powerful. What are waiting for? Together we can get you on the road to success.

When I was younger I was suffering from feeling not free, failing and as a consequence looking for the reasons in the outside world. This yearning for freedom and fulfilment made me listen more deeply inside and I began to create awareness. I started to understand that I am leading myself and that I have a lot of power. What’s been missing is using it in the right direction and most important, knowing what I really want. Only by being truly honest to myself I could start to unleash my potential. Coaching has helped me transform in this process. It allowed for changing perspectives and accessing all the knowledge I all already had deep down.
I decided to make my passion and what I strongly believe in, my profession: Coaching for Personal Development, for Leadership, for Life Goals and Balance. Those are my fields of expertise. A corporate career of 17 years in different roles of leadership and lately as a general manager of an organization has been a fantastic field of personal growth that allowes me to listen more differentiated and with compassion to my clients.
My coaching sessions are alive, fun, honour the individual and tailored to your personal needs. I may also challenge you to overcome personal gremlins to breakthrough old beliefs, fears etc. Whatever is needed, I am here and I can’t wait to get in touch.

Fields of Expertise

  • Career & Professional Goals
  • Life Goals & Balance
  • NLP
  • Personal Finance

Accreditation and Certifications

• Erickson Professional Coach (Neurolinguistic Programming Institute), The Art and Science of Coaching
• Lightyear Leadership, Igolu Program (Vision and Goals Coaching)


• Associate Partner at the Munich Leadership Group
• 17 years of professional experience in various industries, e.g. Banking (Wealth Management, Asset Management > 1 Mrd € Asset Volume), Family Office, Retail, Sports, Health, Wellness and Yoga
• Leadership experience from leading teams to an organization
• Entrepreneurial management in developing new markets, creating brand awareness, building community including bold events such as “Yogavibes meets MINI” at the BMW World in Munich with +500 people
• Masters Degree in Business Administration and Economics with “cum laude”, Wealth Management Diploma