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Our coaching site allows clients to filter your location, gender, language and specialty – to make sure to connect the right client with the right coach.

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Save the cost and hassle of builing your own website and get your own personalized page with us to promote your services and attract more clients.


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Get access to world class coaching material from some of the best international coaches for free: exclusive bolg articles, newsletters and trainings.

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With your listing on MindMotions you will profit from the broad reach of our platform and the high marketing value. Stop looking for clients and let them find you!

Get Access to a Broad Network

Get access to our international network of highly experienced coaches and trainers, the chance to exchange knowledge, experience and perspectives.

Money Back Guarantee

We believe in the quality of our platform enough to guarantee that you will profit personal and business wise and we are willing to refund 100% of your fee, if you are not conviced.

Affiliate Program

We offer all our registered coaches the chance to become an affiliate member and earn some extra cash by supporting the growth of our network. Contact us for details.

Our Requirements and Quality Assurance

As coaches we carry a high responsibility to deliver the desired outcomes for our clients and as an independent and trusted partner, we at MindMotions have the obligation and responsibility to make sure that the featured coaches have the qualification, experience and the skills to deliver outcomes for the clients. We are sure you agree to and support this.

For this purpose we have implemented a strict quality control process and will only feature coaches on our site that can demonstrate their qualification. We hope you understand that this is done to protect the clients as well as the reputation of MindMotions and the coaching profession.

Clients trust us and we want to keep that trust. Please be as detailed as possible in your application in regards to your qualification, experience and skills. We reserve the right to contact your references and check your credentials. When you get featured on our site you also agree to our Terms & Conditions.

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