Coach Profile


Barbara Galateri di Genola

  • Career & Professional Goals
  • Life Goals & Balance
  • NLP



Barbara Galateri di Genola is a Master NLP Practitioner and Advanced Coach, she works with her clients on Motivation & Relation goals.
She is really passionate in helping her clients to be motivated in their important decisions and to improve the relationship with themselves both in the family and in the workplace. She believe in helping people to develop their abilities and their psycho well-being to make the most of their resources.
Barbara has over 18 years of experience in Fundraising with High Value Donor and in addition to motivation and relation coaching she conducts one-on-one Personal Finance coaching.
Barbara loves working with new clients and being partnership with them during the transformation process. She is passionate about helping her clients to get the change they are looking for in their private & professional life. How? With awareness together with discovering what is really important for them!


Fields of Expertise

  • Career & Professional Goals
  • Life Goals & Balance
  • NLP
  • Personal Finance

Accreditation and Certifications

  • Master NLP Practitioner. Advanced Coach


2 Years of Coaching


“I started my coaching sessions with Barbara at the end of last year as I needed to clear my mind and find out what I really wanted to do in my professional life. The work that Barbara has done, has been a powerful tool that helped me in order to get more focus and bring the light to my hidden desires. Her empathy, her ability to listen and interact always without any judgement, her knowledge and professionalism helped me to open my mind and to be more aware of myself, my way of thinking, my limiting believes, what are my values and how they can drive my life.  Thank you Barbara! “

Katia Moretti


“Barbara has an innate ability to let you feel comfortable, she is a very indulgent and patient listener, and a clear and effective communicator. She has been one of the most important forces in the transformation of my personal life; motivating me during the entire process of changing the routine “before and after work” in timing to be dedicated to my wellness and health, and balanced with my role of mom and wife. Since the beginning, during the assessment session, I appreciated her caring assistance in identifying my needs, later I loved her gentle approach and constant dedication in putting into action the ideas related to the improvements, finally I have been so thankful and impressed by the results. She is so full of positive energy, life and commitment to work that I sincerely recommend her to anyone needs to feel better and ready to make a constructive change in life.”

Chiara Boccascino Director FLYHIGH Dubai Helicopter Services – VIP Services


“When exploring my life and figuring out how to regain my self confidence which was my first goal Barbara was invaluable. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the areas that I really wanted to improve. I always find the coaching sessions with her a pleasurable experience. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement, and help me identify the CHANGES I wanted to make. As a result of the coaching with Barbara I have been able to become more organized, with a positive outlook.”

Pamela Augustine, Paris