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Humaira Nasim

  • Career & Professional Goals
  • Life Goals & Balance
  • NLP



With a degree in Computer Engineering, Humaira Nasim started her career as an IT professional. Having the in-depth understanding of the complexities of CPU (Central Processing Unit) of computer machines, her curiosity led her to explore the inner workings of human brain and to her surprise found the brain to resonate with the similar algorithms that she had learnt at her college. Her journey from Natural Language Programming to Neuro-Linguistic Programming had been a journey of imagination, questions, beliefs, ideals, insights gained through life experiences and wisdom as a fruit of diverse knowledge.
Her goal is to empower the people to walk through the journey of their lives with a greater self-awareness and discover the many possibilities that could lead to a more resilient and successful life. Her profound knowledge of human psychology along with the gifted talent of sensitivity and empathy has given her an edge to better identify human behaviors and patterns and motivate her clients to bring about the desired outcomes and changes in their lives. She is a certified NLP Professional Coach and NLP Practitioner accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and ANLP (Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming) respectively. 


Fields of Expertise

  • Career & Professional Goals
  • Life Goals & Balance
  • NLP
  • Family

Accreditation and Certifications

  • ICF certified NLP Professional Coach
  • ANLP certified NLP Practitioner 


I have attained my certification in Nov 2018 as an ICF certified NLP Professional Coach and ANLP certified NLP Practitioner. I am currently doing one-on-one Life coaching in the field of personal development, life goals, relationships and career goals using NLP techniques. 


I began my sessions with Coach Humaira in hopes of learning how to organize
my daily schedule in order to achieve some important, but non-urgent,
life-long goals, but I unexpectedly got so much more than that!  Not only
has she helped me take active steps towards my goals but through her skill
and the bag of techniques up her sleeve, she has helped me discover and
overcome root issues in my psyche ultimately resulting in better
relationships with my husband, parents, and myself.

In addressing my core issues, a way was paved to conquer lesser obstacles
and technicalities, and she helped me replace self-destructive habits with
productive ones.

What I love about Coach Humaira is her positivity, warmth, attentiveness,
active listening, and professionalism.   Her quick wit and intuition will
not waste your time and you can be sure she will offer practical resources
and solutions with any dilemma.   Best of all, she has really helped me by
being available on Whatsapp in-between appointments for moments of panic or
complete confusion.  I’ve never seen someone so unselfishly dedicated to
helping others.

–Sufeyh Sabawi, Dubai