NLP Coach & NLP Practitioner Dual Certification Training

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4 Weekends, Mar 21st – Apr 13th 2019, Dubai

Receive the highest quality, internationally recognized professional NLP Certifications – Professional Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner Certification. The ICF approved and ANLP credentialed NLP Coach/NLP Practitioner Dual Certification Training will take you from novice to competency and give you powerful coaching skills and NLP tools for positive influence in your current job – or ready you to build a coaching business from the ground up.

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NLP Coach & NLP Practitioner Dual Certification Training

Receive the highest quality, internationally recognized professional NLP Certifications

Training by: Mindbridge NLP Trainings

Trainers: Jerry Seavey, Marilou Seavey, Linda Bonnar

Location: Dubai, UAE – Rose Rayaan Hotel, Sheik Zayed Road

Date: Mar 21st – Apr 13th 2019 (only on weekends Thu 3-8pm, Fri 8.30-5.30pm)

Credentials: approved by ICF (International Coaching Federation) and ANLAP (Association of NLP)


Whether you want to use the leading edge NLP Coaching and NLP Practitioner skills in your current profession. Or you want to start your own coaching business. The ICF approved and ANLP credentialed NLP Coach/NLP Practitioner Dual Certification Training will take you from novice to competency and give you powerful coaching skills and NLP tools for positive influence in your current job – or ready you to build a coaching business from the ground up. Classes are taught in English and do not require any prior experience in NLP or Coaching. People from all walks of life, worldwide, have attended the MindBridge NLP Coach Certification Training.

In this NLP Coach & NLP Practitioner training you will discover the patterns that to lead to a deeper understanding of others and yourself. You will develop skills and techniques for building a bridge directly to the unconscious mind to change unwanted habits and help resolve inner conflicts quickly, within yourself and others. And learn how to establish and achieve your goals while fine-tuning your perceptions.

The importance of coaching skills for business professionals, individuals, parents – and pretty well all of us who interact with others is rapidly becoming clear. Many team leaders and managers now find it part of their job description. Using the full range of NLP Practitioner and Coaching opportunities brings immediate and measurable results.

NLP Coach & NLP Practitioner Certification

With the MindBridge NLP Coach/Practitioner Comprehensive Training you will experience a unique opportunity to acquire and develop the most valuable personal and professional growth skills available, presented by trainers who have committed over 30 years in the development and refinement of their NLP and coaching skills. The fact is, NLP provides remarkable tools for helping you to achieve higher levels of personal and professional effectiveness in all of your relationships, from your professional environment to your personal life and this is the ideal opportunity for you to begin.

Not just any NLP skills will do when you want targeted results. The MindBridge NLP Coach/Practitioner Comprehensive Certification is the most indispensable NLP training available because after more than 30 years of research and real-world experience teaching thousands of people, worldwide and from all walks of life in both the public and business sectors, the MindBridge NLP Training Institute brings together the essential communication, leadership and influence skills you need to thrive in today’s competitive environment.


The MindBridge NLP Coach/Practitioner Certification Training offers exceptional life-changing benefits:

  • Experience the extraordinary effectiveness of using communication precision and powerful questions to change the direction of someone’s thinking
  • Master coach-specific tools and skills as well as how to use them outside of the coaching framework to improve any situation
  • Discover how to masterfully control your conversations with others by using their preferred and subconscious thinking styles
  • Apply NLP techniques to help yourself and others break through the barriers to success and remove limited thinking patterns
  • Learn how to deliver constructive, meaningful feedback that causes people to gain a wider perspective and willingly adjust their behavior
  • Stand out from the crowd of ‘ordinary coaches’  and managers— and increase demand for your services — by becoming one of the elite NLP Practitioner Certified Coaches
  • Understand international standards, practices and ethics in the field of coaching and gain the respect of being fully certified as a fully certified NLP Professional Life Coach and also an NLP International Certified Practitioner.

This course is a comprehensive approach for gaining the competence and the confidence to work with the full range of NLP Coaching and Practitioner tools and skills to achieve immediate and measurable results.


Gain Immediately Useful Skills

Regardless of your career, coaching skills are the fastest and easiest way to assist others. As a professional Coach, a significant part of your job is knowing how to listen, what to listen for, which questions to ask, and to give directive feedback. NLP Professional Coaching is a practical and profitable way to maximize your prior training investments and accelerate the direction and implementation of your Coaching skills.

Why would you wait any longer when you can make these changes happen in your life now… enroll in the NLP Coach & Practitioner Certification Training today!

The MindBridge NLP Coach & Practitioner Certification Training will give you personal instruction by world-renowned trainers, developers and authors Jerry & Marilou Seavey, who have more than 30 years of training experience.


Get a preview of the training:

NLP Coach and NLP Practitioner Dual Certification – What is ‘NLP Coaching’?

Simply the most powerful and effective coaching method available. There are different types of coaching, but NLP coaching gets concrete results faster than others. Because NLP is based on the study of human excellence, NLP Coaching is the result of studying and utilizing the most effective forms of coaching and communication skills available—and combining this with the leading edge knowledge on human behavior and thinking patterning.

As an NLP Coach you are far more than just a ‘coach.’ You will have access to the most advanced tools and strategies and methods for assisting individuals to clarify outcomes, align their values, remove any obstacles from the past and seek out and implement the specific strategies that will give them more assured success in the future.


Increase Your Income

Coaches usually work out of their home. Some Coaches just want a few clients per week, others prefer a full schedule. There are very few costs as a Coach. Because of the nature of the coaching relationship and the coaching model, it is most effective and convenient for clients to telephone you at a scheduled time each week. Tele-coaching is also a big growth market and you will need internet access if you want to provide web-coaching.


Internationally Recognized Credentialing

Receive two of the the Highest Quality NLP Certifications – both the NLP International Professional Certified Coach and also the NLP Practitioner Certification

Completion of the 12-day Intensive MindBridge International NLP Professional Coach/Practitioner Training will result in International Professional Coach Certification. This will enable you to refer to yourself as a fully certified and credentialed MindBridge ‘NLP-International Professional Certified Coach’ (IPCC).

In addition, you will also receive full NLP Practitioner Certification which will have the ANLP registered credentialing seal on your certificate. You will have the expertise and credibility to market yourself to your existing employer and/or new clients.

MindBridge NLP Coach Trainings are international, independent Board Accredited by ANLP (Association for NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming)

The MindBridge NLP Professional Coach Certification Training is approved by ICF (International Coach Federation) for 100 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)

MindBridge NLP Professional Coach Certification Training is ICF approved and has more than 95 hours of coach specific training with an optional 5 hours of followup study-group coach training. You may immediately apply for ICF membership upon completion of the course,.

If you desire to obtain additional, advanced ICF credentialing, after you have completed the required number of coach session hours (100) with clients and 10 mentor coaching sessions, you can then go on to apply for evaluation and additional credentialing as an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

Throughout the training you will get hands-on practice and expert feedback. You will be coaching and be coached, yourself. You will also receive the tools, processes and material necessary to start your coaching business even before the training finishes. The lively instruction style with demonstrations and role-play keeps the training effective and interesting.

This program will provide you with the ‘tools’ you need to have a successful career as a professional NLP Coach or to enhance your current business and management talents. We will teach you all the techniques you need to become the very best you can be. It will be useful, challenging, as well as an unprecedented, opportunity for your own personal growth. Coaching skills help you to be more effective in any situation, especially if your work involves interacting with, influencing and assisting others.


Why take a ‘live’ NLP Coach Certification Training?

There are many things that are better learned by direct, hands-on experience. Coaching is one of those skills that is best learned with live, face to face interaction, observation and feedback. Would you trust flying on an airline with a pilot who had learned to fly only by reading books about it or from internet training? When taking a Coach Training it is essential to experience live interaction with both the trainer and others in the course that will be your ‘coaching clients’ throughout the training

Mar 21st – APr 13th 2019 (only on weekends Thu 3:00 – 8:00 p.m., Fri 8.30 – 5.30 p.m.) Dubai, UAE – Rose Rayaan Hotel, Sheik Zayed Road

Approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and association of NLP (ANLP)
No prior experience required
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Meet the Coaches

Jerry Seavey, PCC

Jerry Seavey, PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Master NLP Coach & Trainer, CEO Mindbridge NLP Institute

Jerry Seavey is a master NLP Coach Trainer who has traveled the globe for more than a third of a century teaching people how to create exceptional success, and enhanced problem solving abilities in their personal and professional lives. He has devoted his career to the study, research, and teaching the effective development of the extraordinary faculties of our human potential. More about Jerry

Marilou Seavey, PCC

Marilou Seavey, PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Master NLP Coach & Trainer, President Mindbridge NLP Institute

Marilou Seavey, a Master NLP Trainer & NLP Coach, facilitates personal and professional change worldwide. She assists people from all walks of life with the interior design of their lives-redefining who they are and getting them on track and “on purpose”. Her clients include Fortune 500 executives, small business owners, senior political advisors, diplomats, entertainers, and educators. More about Marilou

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