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Sven Maikranz

Master NLP Coach, Executive MBA, MSc


Fields of Expertise

NLP – Creating Lasting Change – Corporate

Accreditation and Certifications

Master NLP Coach, Executive MBA, MSc



“Before I met Sven I was crippled by anxiety and found it tough to cope with negative and repetitive thoughts. There was never any judgement with Sven, he always went above and beyond as a coach. Sven gave me the ability to recognise why I felt that way and gave me a better understanding of my subconscious brain and my negative thought patterns. The tools he has given me have been paramount to my recovery. It took some work, but I am much happier and fully capable of dealing with my anxiety whenever it should arise. “What you concentrate on determines how you feel”. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t met you. I’m so grateful for everything you have done. Thanks Sven”  – James Love, Dubai 


“I heard about the “Relationships that work” seminar at a time in my life when I was feeling really frustrated with communicating with the people around me (family and friends) and I had almost given up. I was sad and angry and did not know how to deal with even my everyday, trivial conversations. What I learnt that day was a revelation to me! I left that room with so many tools on how to deal with my emotions when I didn’t agree with the person in front of me. I understood which parts of my character were making my relationships harder and how to really hear what other people were telling me and not to make assumptions on what they were implying. And even though I have so much more to learn, I still refer to that day almost everyday! So thank you to the amazing speakers for passing on their expertise and knowledge and thank you to the group of listeners that shared their stories. I can’t wait to do this again!” – Stella Syropoulou (PHD, MSc Civil Engineer), July 2018


“The absolute best coaching I ever had! Sven built rapport very quickly and guided me exactly to where I could make best progress. He was very passionate about me getting results and asked the right questions at the right time. What I thought was impossible before the coaching is now reality and after only 3 sessions I am fulfilling a dream. Thank you, Sven!” – Heidi Csamay, July 2018