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The absolute best coaching I ever had! The coach built rapport very quickly and guided me exactly to where I could make best progress. He was very passionate about me getting results and asked the right questions at the right time. What I thought was impossible before the coaching is now reality and after only 3 sessions I am fulfilling a dream. Thank you MindMotions!


HR Business Partner

The “Relationships that work” seminar was amazing! I was feeling really frustrated when communicating with family and friends and what I learnt that day was a revelation! I left with so many tools and understood what was making my relationships harder and how to really hear what other people were telling me without making assumptions. I still refer to this everyday! Thank you to the amazing speakers for passing on their expertise and knowledge. I can’t wait to do this again!

Stella Styropoulou


Before I met Sven, I was crippled by anxiety and found it tough to cope with negative and repetitive thoughts. There was never any judgement with Sven, he always went above and beyond as a coach. Sven gave me the ability to recognise why I felt that way and gave me a better understanding of my subconscious brain and my negative thought patterns. The tools he has given me have been paramount to my recovery. It took some work, but I am much happier and fully capable of dealing with my anxiety whenever it should arise. “What you concentrate on determines how you feel”. Thanks Sven

James Love

ex Professional Rugby Player

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